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About us

Hi everyone! Welcome to the WIMESSA website, catered towards current or aspiring McGill students who wish to develop their language skills abroad in one of the four languages offered by the department of Islamic & Middle Eastern Studies. As of today, the ones offered by the institute are Arabic, Persian, Urdu & Turkish.

The McGill WIMES undergraduate student association designed this website in hopes of facilitating the application process for students that are unsure about which country to choose that is best suited for them or who find it difficult to find a qualified & reputable school to study in.

As of yet, McGill has not established any partnerships with universities located in countries that speak either Arabic, Persian or Urdu as a first language and therefore does not offer any exchange programs within these countries.

For this reason, we thought to make things much easier by posting valuable information on former McGill students’ study away experience in the Middle East, South Asia or North Africa.

Whether what catches your interest ends up having to do with applying for an internship in Oman or transferring university credits from an Iranian or Palestinian university, we hope this website will open up future doors filled with opportunities that will prove to be memorable.


WIMESSA VP Internships & Exchanges